NEW: toward compliant towers (2015)

Kind of a drone release. unashamedly synthetic, but still, I hope, human. the bases of the songs come from memory, but not from nostalgia. I really hope you enjoy it. it has maybe a little more colour than some of my previous drone stuff. particularly good to have on while writing, drawing, or travelling on a train or boat or a plane – just put it on and go with it. 

Made with jeskola buzz (2002 version) | Free as ever but you can pay what you want if you like.

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I make ambient / electronic / relaxing / hauntological / creepy / dark / bright / drone music. I hope you enjoy it. 
All my albums are free. Preview below or read about / download them here >>


Wanna use an existing conelrad track in your film, tv show, etc? If it’s for a non-profit thing, just email and ask; I’ll probably say yes (but do ask!!). If it’s for-profit I think it’s pretty fair for me to charge a small amount for use, so again, email me to talk about it. I’m not signed to a label or anything so you’d be dealing directly with the artist, so prices won’t be inflated by middlemen taking a cut or anything.


After a couple of tentative collaborations proved pretty successful (a score for a novel and the soundtrack for a video game), I am open to discussions to create composition commissions. If you like my music, and are interested in a custom track (or whole soundtrack) for your film, video game, or other project, just get in touch and we’ll chat about it. 

If you want to use one of my tracks in your existing work, give me an email and ask; I’ll probably say yes outright if it’s for a free project — if it’s for a profit-making project, take a look at the paragraph above on licensing my stuff.

Leonard St Vile's Cruel Jewels
Leonard St Vile’s Cruel Jewels
Liminal States
Liminal States

Full portfolio coming soon.


Under the name of conelrad I’ve been producing electronic music since around 2000. I make downtempo, atmospheric, ambient music, sometimes with vocals, sometimes not. I’m informed by all kinds of music, electronic and otherwise, but most of my influences have in common an experimental interest in sound(s), aural space, memory, etc. Thematically I find that I’m constantly inspired by the combined fascination/dread of the late Cold War, nuclear weapons/nuclear power, the dismal atmosphere of Britain in the 1980s, and so on. I’m not a huge believer in buying loads of gear, and I make all my music with free software called Jeskola Buzz, one clapped out Mexican Telecaster, and one generic condenser mic. But it sounds pretty good despite that.

I started out just making music to listen to on the bus or when walking to get my shopping, but things have grown quite a bit since then. After releasing my first full-length album in 2007, entitled Function Creep, I’ve released another album (there’s another on the way) and two EPs. Each of these has been downloaded thousands and thousands of times, and shared countless more. I’ve had repeated national radio airplay on the BBC, written and produced a ‘score’ for a novel (and a short promotional film), and soundtracked a video game.

If you want to get in touch, email me. i like getting emails.

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